by Lauren Goldbloom

A Mother’s Day Reflection


She wakes gently, slowly, with the same peace that she fell into her sleep.  And I’m right there for her to stare into, and a smile breaks.  Fourteen weeks new and it’s like our souls have always known each other.  Our hearts are tied together in that beautiful hold only God can weave.  She makes that half whimper and I know her need in an instant and in moments she is being nourished.  


This is the gift of motherhood: that a mother can give life to her child.  All mothers.  Every day a chance to give life – to bodies, to souls, to growing minds, to wounds, to brokenness, to these precious hearts.  God made us mothers – life-givers, life-speakers – our love is filled with life.


And of course we know there are all kind of mothers, all kinds of life-givers.


There are mothers who hold life in their womb, where God sews and knits from nothing a perfect new soul.


Some of these mothers may not yet meet these beautiful ones until the new earth.  But they have held life all the same.


Some mothers birth life in their deepest pain and longest groan and in the beautiful paradox of this birthing find their deepest joy in one heavenly moment.


Some mothers nurse life at their breast or in their arms and watch and wonder as life grows so quickly before their eyes.


Some mothers find their children in holy stories of redemption, God putting things right by placing little ones into families.


Those women who encourage, those who comfort, those who speak life – mothers.  Those who nourish bodies and minds and souls – mothers.  Those women who know what it means to sacrifice, to lay life down so that new life can breathe – mothers.


On this day I think of my mothers.  And, oh, I am grateful!


First, the mother I call “Mom”, who has given life to me in every way.  From her body, from her heart, from her own life – she has given to me from every part of herself – and who would I be without her?  Now she also goes by Nana, and the life from her multiplies in these seven of mine who know her love for them without a doubt.


The Nana who gave life to my Mother and who loved so much life into me.  She showed me where Life came from, and even in her death held to life-giving Truth as the legacy she would leave.


The Grandmom who gave life to my Daddy and who echoes life in her laughter, spreads it in her hugs, beams it in her smiles.  Her joy exudes life.


The mother who gave life to the love of my life, who beautifully raised him to be the kind of man I couldn’t imagine life without, who loves me as a daughter and fully embraces all of these who call her Grammy.


And there are the many sister-mothers, women who have come along and breathed life into me all along the way, and women who I share the journey with today, who laugh about the tantrums with me and cry over the losses and aches with me and rejoice over the simple beauties of mothering with me.


God, giver of life, in your grace you have given so much life to me in the gift of these mothers.  Thank you is not enough.  


On this day I think of my children.


The seventy-some who I have mothered… some for days, some for weeks, some for months.  My heart is spread far and wide, for each of you holds a piece.  And I have seen the face of God in you.


The seven who call me Mommy today – my heart is overwhelmed, blessings overflow.


My oldest four…  You have adopted ME, and found room for my love in your hearts, even in the places of your scars.  The gift of mothering you is a life-giving well to me.


My three littles… God has spoken so much Hope and Truth and Joy to me through the miracles of your lives.


You shave known me in all my frailty, tasted the sharpness of my words, seen my ugliest shadows – and you call me Mommy anyway.

Yes, this is the gift of motherhood.  God takes a perfectly ordinary, broken woman, and through the most vulnerable places of herself, gives life to others.


Only you, Lord, could have thought up this miracle.