All Creation.

Lightning erupts on the dusky sky.  Over valleys, rivers, plains.  And all of this, You have created.

Waters gush over cliffs, cascading into canyons deep.  Stretches of vast green hills interrupted by this majestic carving, a gorge that is breathless to behold.  And this You created.

Mountains high stretch down to low creeks, gushing brooks.  Mighty trees point to their Maker.

I have seen all of this in Your creation today.  You have created all of this, and seen that it is good.  And I have seen pieces, too.

You are Almighty, unmatched, omnipotent.  And yet… You did not stop creating after 5 days.  Your creation did not end with all of this beauty, this creation that can not help but worship You just by being what it is.

Yes, You kept creating and chose in Your grace to delight in this creation.  You, Almighty, delight in us, and call us back to the joy of being Your creation and knowing our Creator.

With all of the sights I took in today, could any compare to the vision of blue eyes and blonde curls, beaming with joy looking at his Mama?  Or the smile spread wide on the ice cream covered cheeks of my oldest son?  Made in His image, I find deep delight in my children, and can only imagine the delight our Father, who loves without limit, takes in us.

Creation was made to praise You.  And in this we have our Hope.

“All creatures of our God and King…. Lift up your voice and with us sing.”