Capes to Crosses

by Lauren Goldbloom

By Matthew

Superheroes wear capes.  This is a fact we all know.  However, you may not be aware, but there have been epic battles between men of formable strength and boys with powers to stop time fought here in my very own living room.  It’s true.  In fact, sometimes these heroes can fly like birds.  Other times, they use powers of  fleet footedness to escape impending peril (a.k.a. pajamas).  This is a magical land – dreams turn into reality, and action is never lacking.

But superheroes are commonplace.  Or, in these parts, about as common as bears, dogs, and monsters.

However, you can imagine my surprise recently, when in a land not too far away (a.k.a. the dinner table), my three-year old announces boldly, “I’m big Jesus, and Casen is baby Jesus.”  This is not a typical statement one makes between bites of  noodles.  So, I’ll admit, this proclamation was met with a few chuckles, as well as a proud smile from mom and dad.

To be a superhero, all we need is a cape.

“Yes my child.  You can be like Jesus.”

And there you’ve done it.  Once again you’ve taught me.  You know the truth that imaginations and reality are not clearly divided – for the Kingdom is already here.  So join me, my son…


Let us put on our tunics and walk the dirty streets  

Heal the sick and cure the lame

Let us seek justice and compassion for those with no voice

Let us call evil by its name without apologies

Let us dine with the outcasts and speak Truth from the hills

Cast out devils and pray in your name 

Your Kingdom come,

Your will be done

On Earth, as it is in Heaven